About WaterGelSacks™

The original water-absorbing inflation bag (beware of imitations).


WaterGelSacks is an innovative defense system for flooding and other emergencies. It inflates in contact with water and is designed to revolutionize the way we control the damage that these situations usually cause.

SAP is a type of molecule that can absorb the amount of water equivalent to several hundreds times its own weight and volume, reaching 90% of its absorbing capacity in just 4 minutes. Once the water is absorbed, it stays in a gelatinous state and the bag acts just like sandbags, keeping flooding at bay, against landslides, fire protection or other applications– but is more effective.

It is environmental friendly, innocuous, non-toxic, flavorless, pollution-free, biodegradable in nature and it decomposes without causing any pollution. It is also used in agriculture as water retaining agent or mixed with other chemicals as fertilizers, as well as other multiple applications in hygienic and sanitary products, among others.

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WaterGelSacks solution uses traditional jute fiber as an outside bag. The jute is a natural fiber with excellent hydrophilic capacity and it decomposes naturally. The jute’s good reputation for its strength and hardness was obtained during World War I when trenches were reinforced with bags of this material. Nowadays, jute fiber is also used to repair breakages of dykes as well as to reinforce embankments with an inclination of up to 60%, to fasten substrates, etc.

In the interior of the jute bag, there is a second semi-porous bag containing the SAP; Cotton is also a 100% natural fiber and keeps the SAP inside from leaking out.

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