WaterGelSacks vs. sandbags or other solutions

1000 WaterGelSacks can be stored on a standard pallet, which means a significant space saving compared to a space taken by only 40 traditional sandbags.

WaterGelSacks is easy to transport, store and handle, from military applications or Civil Protection, to commercial or households.

Sandbags may seem a cheaper option, but in the end, they become a huge cost and a messy product. Also, improper cleanup can lead to an environmental disaster.

One person in a car or van can transport hundreds of WaterGelSacks to the scene because they are light and thin before used, while traditional sandbags require huge physical effort and strength, and also its storage and transportation is a large component of the cost of deployment, needing a dump truck and a sizeable workforce.


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WaterGelSacks’ solution can be stored in any place such as home garages, basements, storage rooms, under a bed, and so. The 50-units cardboard box has a size of 64 (25”) x 44 (17.3”) x 32 (12.6”) cm/inch.