How to use WaterGelSacks


Before using the WaterGelSacks, it should be stored in an indoor dry place, in the original packaging of plastic bag and cardboard box, away from air, moisture, sunlight and heat. Extreme weather conditions like desert heat and freezing temperatures will not affect the useful life of the product if stored properly.

When they are needed:

1.- Take WaterGelSacks to the scene and unwrap it from the original packaging of cardboard box and plastic bag.

2.- Immerse the bag in water nearby or directly by the floodwater if necessary; it can also be inflated with a hosepipe.

3.- WaterGelSacks will expand by absorbing water during 3-4 minutes; after that time it will be ready for use. After 4 minutes will be saturated.

4.- Use it for the purpose you need it for.

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Use them as flood defense barrier in combination with plastic sheets.

Once WaterGelSacks is inflated will remain effective for several months (depending on the weather conditions in each case/country). If once you have used them, you have to keep them to be used again during the next few weeks, they should be storage protected with plastic in an indoor place (like a garage). They won’t leak or releases any water from the inside, but if when use them again, the WaterGelSacks have evaporated some of the water inside, you can soak them again and they will inflate the missing weight. This can be performed several times, depending on the outside temperature.

After the flooding (or any other use), WaterGelSacks can be disposed in authorized landfills or just cut the bag to remove the SAP inside which can be treated in landfills too or place it around plants and trees (do not put the SAP throughout the drainage systems because it might block it). The two bags (jute and cotton) can be disposed as regular waste. All the materials are innocuous and environmental friendly.

In case the bags have been inflated with contaminated water, we recommend early disposal according to the Authorities regulation.

For further information about the deployment of WaterGelSacks, how to build dykes and calculate the amount of bags you need, and disposal of the product, please download our brochure and instructions files: