WaterGelSacks™, a great solution with many applications

WaterGelSacks solution has become very popular in the last few years and it is used in USA, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, UK, Japan, Germany, Thailand and many other countries.

Insurance companies are now recommending their customers in risky flooding areas, to use WaterGelSacks solution, to prevent and avoid significant damages during those situations, because flooding is the most threatening natural cause of property damage.

Use WaterGelSacks in substitution of the traditional sandbags and much more:

  1. Flood protection barrier
  2. Fire
  3. Drainage areas
  4. Areas requiring retention and release of moisture
  5. Water redirection
  6. Military training
  7. Leaking / broken pipes / Soak spills
  8. Flash flooding
  9. Landslide prevention
  10. Rescue
  11. Chemical spill contained
  12. Elevator shaft
  13. Work site protection
  14. Construction
  15. Competition circuits